Lost 12 pounds

I have always loved working out and being active, but I never really saw results with my body regardless of what kind of exercise I tried. I have tried spinning, step aerobics, weight training, and lots of cardio among other things. I could lose weight but then I would also lose muscle, or keep the muscle but gain weight. When I joined Dwala I was taken right in with open arms, found a great group of friends, and LOVED all of the trainers.

Within my first couple weeks training there I even signed up for my first crossfit competition. I also made a diet change to “Paleo” after talking with Jake and other members, but in just 3 or 4 short months training at Dwala I saw changes in my body that I had been trying to get all along! This is a WONDERFUL box, full of great people, even better coaches, and plenty of class times so you can always get in for a workout despite a busy schedule. Jake truly cares about his members and goes above and beyond to accommodate whatever your needs may be, whether it’s help with your diet, entertaining your kids while you workout, or trying to train for your next goal! I LOVE CROSSFIT DWALA!!