Russ W.

Lost 107 pounds

I have struggled with my weight all of my life – seriously struggled. Try over 200 pounds at age 12. I was, however, very active and athletic and started playing various sports at a very early age. I excelled in football and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to play in college. Due to this, I needed to be big, and so I ate whatever I wanted for years, but that was ok because I was active and worked out all the time due to football. Fast forward to life after college when I didn’t have athletics keeping me active, and my weight ballooned over the next 10 years. I tried crash diets and going to gyms with very little luck. I would lose some weight but put it all back on shortly after I lost it. Needless to say, I was disappointed and just felt horrible about myself and how far I had let myself go.

In December of 2012, my wife mentioned that a CrossFit gym was opening down the road from the house. She wanted to check it out – truth be told, I think she was worried about my health – so we stopped in with our 3 kids and met Jake. Since that time, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Jake and Corynne (as well as the other coaches at Dwala) have helped me with becoming active again so I can play with my kids. They have helped me to figure out my nutrition so I can make the types of changes I need to in order to have a sustainable change in my diet. I have gone through several months of Olympic lifting coaching and seen my competitive spirit return. My back, knees, hips, and feet no longer hurt all the time, and I have increased my strength and flexibility. While the progress has not been a linear improvement - in fact, sometimes over the past 3-and-a-half years, it has been a struggle - the community and support has provided me with a place to establish and reach my fitness goals.