Nutrition Planning


What we do?

Individualized Nutrition Coaching- Nutrition is vital to your health and wellness! Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your current weight, increase your performance, or just feel better throughout the day, our team of Registered Dietitians and Certified Nutrition coaches can create an individualized and custom plan to help you reach our goals! We can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle in a realistic vs. restrictive way.
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Our individualized plans are customized for every client, designed to meet them exactly where they are and get them to where they want to be!

Basic Coaching Starting at $149.99/month

Personalized nutrition coaching includes an individualized set of macros and calorie goal, access to our members only Facebook page and our BTS app, as well as once a week checks with your coach for questions and adjustments.

The All In Starting at $169.99/month

Personalized nutrition coaching includes an individualized set of macros and calorie goal, access to our members only Facebook Page and BTS app, as well as a consult with your coach to work through the exchange meal planning system to create a meal plan for you based on your macros. Weekly check ins with your coach to answer any questions or concerns.

3 Month Packages $404.99 basic/$459.99 all in
6 Month Packages $764.99 basic/$866.99 all in

Progress takes time and focus and while you will see results in 4 weeks, 3 to 6 months is the average time required to really change your body composition! Therefore, we offer 25% off when you purchase our 3 or 6 month packages!

Maintenance Check Ins $29.99/month

For the individual looking for a monthly check of their numbers to ensure they are maintaining their current nutrition goals. Includes a once a month look and adjustment of macros.


We offer 6 Week Challenges to challenge and encourage our clients and affiliates to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level. We offer these three times a year, in the New Year, Spring and Fall, check our website or your local affiliate for news on when our next one is being offered! (Starts at $100) In Body Test- $25- Go beyond the scale and see what really matters, an accurate picture of your body composition in just 45 seconds! Message us today to set up a time to get your body composition done for as little as $25!

Nutri Timing- $249.99/additional days are $49.99

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What is Nutritiming and why do it?

Within-Day Energy Balance is a new way to look at energy balance. Traditionally, energy balance has been assessed in 24-hour units (i.e., assess caloric intake over 24 hours; then assess caloric expenditure over the same 24 hours; and then assess the ratio between the two.) However, assessing energy balance in this way misses the very important energy surpluses and deficits that occur during the day, making it difficult to understand why people respond the way they do even when they have an apparent perfect end-of-day energy balance.

These documents will help you understand the within-day energy balance principles and will help you see why understanding within-day energy balance is critically important in weight, body composition, athletic performance, and sense of well-being. Most people do very well when within-day energy balance stays between ± 400 calories, and the NutriTiming® system makes it easy for users to see when they are with that range.

What you get:

  • 30-minute meeting with one of our dietitians or nutrition coaches to conduct a thorough 24 hour recall for ONE day. A 24hr recall goes into detail of one’s day hour by hour gathering information on activity and food and drink intake.
  • The dietitian/nutrition coach will input the information into the Nutritiming software.
  • The dietitian/nutrition coach will then adjust based on individual schedules and goals (fat loss, muscle gain, increased energy levels, etc) to achieve desired energy balance and macronutrients.
  • 30-minute follow-up meeting with the dietitian or nutrition coach to go over the results including pre/post printouts of nutrient details, energy balance, protein distribution, and food plan template.